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I'MMANY is a London-based jewellery brand with femininity and playfulness at heart. We create unique pieces from a wide range of natural and organic materials such as real flowers, gemstones, eco-friendly resin and recycled sterling silver. Colourful, fresh and trend-lead, our jewellery are not created for "fitting in" but to stand out. 

Inspired by the Little Joys

Nature and quirky everyday objects have inspired most of our designs - from spring flowers, summer fruits, autumn leaves to winter branches, from beach umbrellas, garden produces, sweet confectionery to anime series. We manipulate all kinds of materials in our craft to capture those joyful moments.

Sustainably Made by Hand

Each piece of jewellery is handmade with care in our London studio. We recycle sterling silver and beads from past collections to give them a second life through constant new designs. 

Being environmental-friendly is our mission from the beginning. We source from local suppliers whenever and wherever we can. All of our packaging materials are recyclable or bio-degradable. 

Independent, Woman-led Brand

I'MMANY is proud to be a female-founded and female-operated business. Our small, dedicated team is based in the vibrant neighbourhood of East London, where we design, make and ship our products from. 

Giving Back to the Community

Gender equality, mental health and education are the main social endeavours that we aim to support with our business proceedings. 
Since founded, we have been donating to charities and organization in these sectors including Marie Curie(supporting people living with any terminal illness), the Loveland Foundation( providing financial assistance to women of colour seeking mental health support), and Mind Charity (supporting people with mental health problems).


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